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Connect & learn ways of living, sharing & teaching permaculture in a dynamic global community.

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What is Hive?

HIVE is a global permaculture learning community for people in permaculture - the hub for current members and graduates of all Permaculture Education Institute programs .

... a space to keep learning and growing skills

Here at HIVE, together we continue to amplify our skills and experience, learning and sharing, finding our niches, collaborating on research and projects, connecting with aligned networks, hosting sessions to keep growing and learning as professional permaculture practitioners, designers, communicators and educators.

... a place to stay connected

We know that taking a permaculture course is often a life-changing experience - a moment of transition.  Hive members stay connected and be part of the myceliating movement for positive practical living.  

... a forum to find your flow

In the world today it is even more important to add compost to our permaculture skills, knowledge and experience and share them as widely as possible. We know that more people making permaculture their way of life and 'alivelihood', the better things are going to be - more regenerative, more resilient, and more robust. Get connected, be inspired, grow your skills, find your flow.

What you'll find...

Amazing Community!

There are people from all around the world here exploring how to nourish, enhance and grow their personal and professional permaculture skills. 

Hive is the place you will find our events, resource sharing, mentoring, informal chats, cross-pollination sessions, forums and community - course specific rooms and collaborative spaces.


Each course we run at the Permaculture Education Institute has its own special place in HIVE  which we call a guild.

  • PERMACULTURE EDUCATORS PROGRAM  - members of our keystone program, the Permaculture Educators Program -  combined Permaculture Design Certificate and Permaculture Teacher Certificate - gather here to explore course content, meet with mentors and tutors, share resources and find out about events.
  • PERMACULTURE DESIGN COURSE  - members of the Permaculture Design Certificate course meet here to discuss and work on course content, meet with mentors and tutors, share resources and find out about events.
  • TEACH PERMACULTURE  - members of  TEACH Permaculture course - an online 8 week Permaculture Teacher Certificate course meet and share here.
  • SHARE PERMACULTURE  - members of SHARE Permaculture course - a 12 month membership meet and share here.
  • MORAG UNPLUGGED GUILD - members of the annual 7 week intensive permaculture business lab meet here.


Hive collaboration guilds are places (digital rooms) for people involved with Permaculture Education Institute's collaborative projects and communities of practice to connect.

  • PERMACULTURE [PR]ACTIVISM: creative hubs focussed on creating music, illustrations, writing projects, translation initiatives, and art that communicate a new narrative of permaculture futures and possibilities.
  • ETHOS FOUNDATION - PERMACULTURE CHARITY: volunteers meeting together and with women and youth to support locally-led and adapted permaculture education in the global south & for refugee youth.
  • PERMAYOUTH EAST AFRICA: a space for youth from East African Permayouth hubs to meet, share and learn together.
  • PERMACULTURE CHILDREN'S WRITERS HUBa small group of teachers, illustrators, writers and parents creating permaculture children's books.
  • HIVE MODERATORS GUILD- a place for the Hive moderator team to communicate, plan and learn together about hosting this global permaculture learning space.


As a member of the different Hive Guilds, you will have free access to a range of regular live events (and recordings of ones you miss), loads of sharing and fabulous conversation about things that really matter! 

For example 
  • DESIGN STUDIO: The Permaculture Design Studio is a space to share permaculture designs, explore design strategies and questions together with people from around the world. Learn new ways to see and to solve design challenges. Includes presentations from members and generative discussion. 
  • TUTORIALS: every month there are tutorial sessions focussing on development of skills and confidence in a wide range of permaculture contexts - from design, teaching and business - loads of fun and a great way to meet people
  • EDUCATION LAB: The Permaculture Education Lab is a space to explore different ways of teaching permaculture, designing permaculture programs, and communicating permaculture ideas. Be inspired the possibilities for being a permaculture educator.
  • FORUMS: he Permaculture Forums are a place for gradates and current members to share their permaculture-related expertise, experience and passion - practice teaching, host conversation, find collaborators, inspire others, receive great input and ideas - also a place to learn how to host and organise an online session.

Who hosts Hive?

Hive is hosted by Morag Gamble and the Permaculture Education Institute team, with global voices and input from Permayouth and Ethos Foundation refugee programs too. And a wonderful team of moderators!

How to join HIVE

A 12 month HIVE membership is included with:

  • Permaculture Educators Program
  • Permaculture Design Certificate
  • Annual SHARE Permaculture membership

A 6 month membership is included with:

  • TEACH Permaculture
  • Morag Unplugged

Membership can be renewed.